School Project

EVO Rebrand

Graphic Design

Switching it up

EVO has been running its tournaments since 2002, with attendance increasing substantially with every successful venue until they became the most popular gaming tournament period. That being said, it has been 18 years, and their logo, while being recognizable, is dated. The e-gaming industry in 2020 is doing very well in terms of earning its keep in mainstream media. EVO brings many moments that are cherished and loved by the community, and because of this, I wanted to see if I can create a new fresh solution for their brand.

All brands have to find their audience and make themselves known. Recently for their branding of the 2023 event, they have fine-tuned the logo, and it still retains its classic look, I thought it would be interesting to see other directions it could go, especially as it is a fighting game tournament logo.

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