School Project

Holland College Viewbook

Graphic Design / Book Design

A modern take on a viewbook

For a college project, my class and I were tasked with designing different solutions for the school’s viewbook. We had a say in what size we could create the viewbook, but we were marked based on how we worked with these constraints for the brand, written content, and page count.

I chose to design each page within a square, essentially cutting the space that could be used in half, while also needing to keep the same page count. While this puts me at a disadvantage in regards to managing open space, I figured if this were to be given out to potential students I wanted this to be as portable as possible. This was a test in making the best use of the brand elements in small spaces. I played a lot with extra large headings paired with body copy, playing into the idea of catching people's eyes and having them explore a bit to learn more about what caught their attention.

We were also supplied with a variety of photos, some high quality, many low-quality photos, so it was up to me to choose which ones made the cut while also keeping in mind that they need to promote the school’s programs as best as possible.

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