Personal Project

Islander Logotypes

Me trying to be a certified Townie

A lot of people who I've grown up with eventually go through a phase where they develop a sort of distaste for PEI and its culture. We don't have as many outlets for creative visuals, especially downtown. We have very few graffiti artists or interesting poster designers to influence the visual trends around here design-wise. That being said I'd say PEI's brand as a whole is always a few years behind the modern standard. With PEI being the tourist destination that it is, I wanted to do a short project to experiment with how PEI could look with a fresh take, while still holding onto its old-fashioned vibes.

I took a bunch of avenues that encompass PEI as a whole such as its fishing industry, local slang, farming industry, and Scottish music scene and made some logotypes that could be applied to shirts and such. I then showed off these to some friends and family for some back and forth and then finally produced a limited run of shirts to give away.

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