Illustration / Product Design

A personal project

“Mixtape for My Girlfriend” is definitely a personal project. The goal of course is to create a novelty item that will reflect how much I care about my partner. I pulled out all the stops. I created a list of objects and moments that defined our relationship, and I was tasked with collaging them together to create something personal, while also pleasant composition-wise

I started this project with some simple sketches of things we've done together, and I landed on the idea of portraying this trip we took to a park where the birds and squirrels were very friendly. It was a good memory having the small birds eat seeds from our hands. As for the setting I went outside to take some reference photos, mainly of this pool of water near my family's home. The colors of the stones in this shallow stream of water paired with the earthy tones of the forest, it was a perfect color palette and texture that I felt brought out some strong indie themes.

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