Local project

Revpocalypse Series

Illustration / Poster Design

They're the only bar that sells it

My buddy Jim calls me up one day looking to discuss an idea. A premonition in need of a poster. Along with his fellow DJs he wanted to throw a dance party that was unlike those that usually occur locally. Jim wanted to set Revpocalypse aside from other local shows and turn it into an event.

The Rev is a blue vodka drink that, at least around these parts, is only sold at our local Sportsman's bar. The drink is nothing crazy on its own but I think Jim was more focused on the exclusivity of the Rev. At first I was afraid that this poster would become more an advertisement for Rev, than for the event, so I put more focus on portraying the intensity of the battle rather than the prize.

The storyline of Revpocalypse was that Jim along with 2 other DJs would be fighting a battle for supremacy (As kaiju) over Rev Headquarters. They even replaced their stage names with their monster names on the poster (Zimzilla, THNG KONG, DJ Android). Initially, Jim wanted me to draw the characters on the poster to resemble more people dressed as monsters, but I felt that it would be more enticing if they were depicted as epic (proportional) kaiju creatures. I also thought it would be cool to equip them with devices that feed Rev into their monster bodies to give a sprinkle of lore to the world this poster is building.

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