CALVIN CHING is a Freelance Digital Illustrator & Graphic Designer. my practices span multiple mediums with a process that always begins with pen on paper.

I'm here to help your fight for your place on the scene with some sick visuals!

My Stats

I am a stylistic illustrator skilled in hand-drawn illustration, digital illustration, packaging, and graphic design.

I enjoy working on paintings, skateboarding, cinema, watering my plants, and fixing my many broken cameras.

Select Clients are local businesses, entrepreneurs, and bands who require an illustrator/designer who can help their brand look both professional and interesting to compete with their competitors. I hope to branch out and work on projects all over the world.

My Service(mons)


I've been drawing since high school, my scribblers would be covered in knights and dinosaurs. My influences include the late Kim Jung Gi, Hayao Miyazaki, and Llew Mejia. I've done many hand-drawn posters for local bands (hope to do more) and digital illustrations for businesses and other small jobs. I spend lots of my free time drawing comics for my PEEPs brand.

Graphic Design

I went to school at Holland College for graphic design and developed a deep respect for the discipline. I've worked on many brands here on PEI, and many projects in the local marketing industry via my years working at Insight Studio. I have experience working on books, website graphics, logos, posters, booklets, and pretty much anything that will be presented outwards to the public.


Trained by friend and old supervisor Carlos Gonzales, I've learned the ins and outs of designing and building websites. I have experience using WordPress and Webflow, and I've designed and assisted in building both short websites (2 -5 pages) and big websites (13-30 pages). I can also help you out with setting up hosting, your domain, and train you to manage and edit your website.

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